The Island of Men, also known as Mannos

The ancient myths of the Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl tell of an island formed from the depths of the ocean, in the midst of a sea of mystical, sapphire beauty. Created from a subterranean volcanic eruption. Mannos emerged at a point in the waters where hot currents meet cold and clockwise twisted to counterclockwise, in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a place without the rules of the civilized world--where the laws are those of men. Of love. Of respect and honor. Of Paradise.

Desperate men discovered its existence. More joined them, and together they explored and encountered the mythical Immortal Falls, where one drink would offer them eternity. And a pact was formed to keep the island safe and secure from the outside world and the secret of the falls never revealed to those outside the Brotherhood. It is a paradise, a haven for the passions that run deep and strong. The worship of strength and male beauty without fear of reprisal or censure.

Thus, this was the beginning of the Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl. Few returned to the civilization that had banished them, but those that chose to leave created an organization of brethren to support and nurture a hierarchical paradise shared among men. Rules were established and stories were told, handed down through the ages, and secret ceremonies created to protect what was theirs. Here are the stories of the mortal as well as the immortal. Here is the fantasy.

Hierarchy of Men on the Island of Mannos

  1. First Level - Ancient Island Lords
  2. Second Level - Masters
  3. Third Level - Trainers and Guides
  4. Fourth Level - Shopkeepers and Artisans
  5. Fifth Level - Companions and Attendants
  6. Sixth Level - Squires and Initiates
  7. Seventh Level - New Bloods

The Tales of the Brotherhood Begin Here.